Education and Young People

This year, I have secured more than £2million for school rebuilding at Cheadle Primary, Great Moor Juniors, Hazel Grove Primary, Hazel Grove High School and Hursthead Juniors. This will help schools to carry out vital repairs, creating modern class room environments and upgrading kitchens and dining rooms.

I also backed the Lib Dem-led £2.5billion investment in the Pupil Premium to ensure disadvantaged children receive support to get the most out of education as well as providing them with free school meals.

Over the past decade in office, I regularly visited all schools in the constituency, discussing their needs, joining lessons and assemblies and even debating politics with six formers.

Working with local charity Millie’s Trust, I have recently been instrumental in driving an important change to paediatric care regulation, closing a little know loop hole in the law to ensure that, in future, all nursery staff will be required to have a qualification in paediatric first aid.

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