Axe the tax says Mark Hunter

June 26, 2005 12:00 AM
Council Tax Spokesperson Sarah Teather MP

Council Tax Spokesperson Sarah Teather MP

Lib Dem Council Tax spokesperson Sarah Teather MP visited the Cheadle Constituency yesterday as part of the Lib Dem campaign to abolish the unfair Council Tax. Sarah and Mark Hunter collected signatures on the 'Axe the Tax' petition from shoppers in Cheadle High Street.

Sarah Teather said, "I was delighted at the warm reception Mark and I received. Local people are clearly very unhappy with the unfair Council Tax backed by Labour and the Conservatives. They want to see it abolished and only the Lib Dems are committed to this."

"The local council tax should be scrapped and replaced with a fairer system based on people's ability to pay," says Councillor Mark Hunter.

"Pensioners are especially hard hit under the Council Tax. Under the Lib Dems, more than half of pensioners would pay nothing at all."

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