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Mark Hunter

How long must we suffer?

June 30, 2005 9:00 AM
Traffic jam in Bramhall

How much longer will local residents have to put up with congestion like this? Mark Hunter will fight to get the vital A555 link completed.

LOCAL PEOPLE are fed up with the daily congestion on our local roads. Many are angry at the way that both Conservative and Labour Governments have failed to complete the vital A555 link which will do much to reduce congestion. Tory by-election candidate Stephen Day has also been slammed for his record on the scheme.

One resident said, "Stephen Day was our MP for fourteen years and all we ended up with was a road to nowhere and huge queues of traffic. He has no excuse as the Conservatives were in power for much of this time."

Lib Dem campaigner Mark Hunter has promised to make the completion of the vital A555 link a top priority if elected. Mr Hunter has worked closely with Patsy Calton on the issue over the last four years when much progress has been made.

Mark Hunter said, "Patsy had real success in driving this scheme forward. I will do my best to move this scheme through to completion and end the traffic chaos across our local area."

The Lib Dems are also fighting to bring Metrolink trams to our area which would also cut congestion.

Background -

Patsy Calton and the Lib Dem Council led by Mark Hunter have made more progress on the vital A555 link in the last four years than was made in the previous 18 years with a Conservative MP and a Conservative Government.

The route is confirmed, the detailed environmental study is complete, the public have been consulted and the technical bid has been submitted - all we are waiting for is the green light from Government.