Tuition fees must go

July 1, 2005 8:55 PM
Mark with students

Mark Hunter wants to abolish Labour's tuition and top up fees

LOCAL FAMILIES will be hit hard by Labour's new university top-up fees says Lib Dem campaigner Cllr Mark Hunter.

Labour's tuition and top-up fees mean that young people and their families face higher debts than ever if they decide to attend university. Independent experts say that debts for many students could rise to over £30,000.

Mark Hunter said, "I have spoken to both local parents and students who are genuinely worried about these extra costs. Why must young people and their families be saddled with huge debts just to get a good education?"

The Lib Dems have led the fight against Labour's tuition and top-up fees. If elected to be our new local MP, Mark has pledged to fight hard to abolish the fees.

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