Conservative campaign resorts to lying - Lib Dems

July 6, 2005 2:22 PM
Stephen Day

Stephen Day

The Conservatives have stooped to their lowest level yet in their 'negative' campaign for the Cheadle constituency. Producing a blatant lie in their campaign literature about Local Lib Dem Mark Hunter.

Their campaign leaflet issued today carries the lie that Mark Hunter has closed police stations. The leaflet also misrepresents a quote from the Stockport Express on local schools.

The Liberal Democrat campaign is currently considering legal action.

Mark Hunter's election agent Hilary Stephenson said:

"This is the most disgraceful slur on Mark Hunter. We will be taking legal advice on this publication. The Conservatives campaign seems to know no depths. They are lying to local people.

"This 'negative' campaign offers nothing for local people. Mark Hunter has offered a positive agenda in carrying on Patsy Calton's local work."

Local Lib Dem Mark Hunter said:

"My campaign is not against the other parties, it is for local people. We will continue to campaign for more police on our streets, more funding for our local schools and the completion of the vital A555 link."

The leaflet omits to mention in a section on the parliamentary careers of the two main candidates that Stephen Day lost by 3,337 in Bradford West in 1983.

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