Olympic torch must come to Cheadle - Hunter

July 6, 2005 6:25 PM
Mark Hunter, John Thurso MP, Andrew George MP and local Lib Dem Councillor Hazel Lees

Mark Hunter has asked for the Olympic torch to pass through Cheadle constitutency

Local Lib Dem Mark Hunter has today written to the International Olympic Committee to ask for the Olympic Torch to pass through the Cheadle constituency.

Mark has also written to Sebastian Coe to congratulate him and his team on bringing the Olympics to Britain.

Local Lib Dem Mark Hunter said:

"The Olympics coming to our country makes us all proud to be British. We must all work together to make this the best Olympics ever.

"It is important that this becomes Britain's Olympic games and not just London's. The North-West must share in this achievement, the Olympic torch coming to our area would be a true representation of this.

"Congratulations must go to Seb Coe and his team in securing us the Games. Now it is time to get on with the job of making this the best games ever"

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