Will Day condemn own campaign leaflet? - Lib Dems

July 8, 2005 12:52 PM
Stephen Day

Will Stephen Day retract his negative campaign leaflet?

The Liberal Democrats have today backed the Stockport Times in their call for Stephen Day to condemn his own campaign material. Stephen Day's negative Conservative campaign has been mired in controversy this week with the Stockport Times producing a front-page editorial condemning one of Stephen Day's campaign leaflets.

The Stockport Times has consulted its lawyers over the Conservatives campaign leaflet.

Mark Hunter's Election Agent, Hilary Stephenson said:

"Will Stephen Day condemn his own negative campaign leaflet? Local people have a right to know. The question local residents are asking is does Stephen Day back his aggressive American-style negative campaign?"

Local Lib Dem Mark Hunter said:

"The Conservatives have run a nasty and personal campaign. I know from listening to local people how upset they have been with the Conservatives negative and aggressive tactics.

"I am determined to offer a positive agenda for local people. My fight is for more police, better schools and the completion of the vital A555 link."

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