Mark fights for more police funding

July 10, 2005 10:00 AM
Mark is fighting for more police

Mark is fighting for more police on patrol

TOUGHER SENTENCES for drug dealers and more police on patrol are top priorities for Mark Hunter if elected on Thursday.

For years Mark worked with Patsy Calton to get action to tackle crime. Under Mark's leadership, the local Council has put extra cash in policing and used ASBOs to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

Mark Hunter said, "Only last week I spent an emotional hour with a Heald Green couple whose house had been broken into. They were understandably very upset about the incident."

"It really brought home to me how devastating the effects of crime can be. That's why getting more police on patrol will be a top priority if I am elected on Thursday."

Conservative failures

Despite their tough talk on crime, the last Conservative Government failed to tackle crime. Violent crime rose every single year.

They badly underfunded local police and during the last Tory Government, while Stephen Day was Cheadle's MP, the number of police actually fell. Mark Hunter said, "People just don't trust the Tories on crime any more."

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