Top Doctor backs Mark

July 11, 2005 9:27 PM
Mark Hunter with Professor Tallis

Mark Hunter with Professor Tallis

PROFESSOR RAY Tallis, a leading Doctor, has joined the Liberal Democrats and backed Mark Hunter's campaign to win in Thursday's by-election.

Professor Tallis has been a front line clinician for over thirty years and has been Professor of Geriatic Medicine at the University of Manchester since 1987. Professor Tallis said, "I have become greatly disillusioned with Labour largely because of their reckless war in Iraq and also their treatment of the NHS."

"I had always thought that the greatest threat to the NHS was from the Conservatives. But this control obsessed Labour Government has proved me wrong. On both the NHS and Iraq, it is the Liberal Democrats that have the right policies for our country today."

Mark Hunter added, "Ray Tallis is a very welcome addition to the Liberal Democrats. It is yet another sign that the Lib Dems are the real opposition to Tony Blair's Labour Government."

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