Labour voters switch to back Hunter

July 13, 2005 4:28 PM
Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter

LOCAL Labour supporters are switching to the Lib Dems in tomorrow's crucial by-election.

The Cheadle constituency produced the closest result in Great Britain in the 2001 General Election when Patsy Calton defeated Stephen Day for the first time.

Just two months ago, many Labour supporters helped Patsy to defeat Stephen Day for the second time. Labour's campaign in the by-election has been almost non-existent compared to that of the two main parties locally.

Everyone knows that Labour could never win in the Cheadle constituency. Most Labour supporters seem set to back local Lib Dem Mark Hunter as the only alternative to helping Michael Howard's Conservatives.

The Conservative Party's main hope in the by-election is that Labour supporters will stay at home - or vote for their third placed candidate.

A Conservative victory, however, is hardly likely to be what Labour supporters want.

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