Thumbs up for Mark - Hunter campaign wins over local people

July 14, 2005 12:52 AM
Thumbs up for Mark Hunter

Thumbs up for Mark Hunter

MARK HUNTER'S positive campaign seems set to win support from local residents in today's crucial by-election. Lib Dem Leader Charles Kennedy returned to the campaign trail yesterday in the final push for votes.

"Local people tell me that they have been insulted by the Conservative campaign," says Mr. Kennedy. "Mark Hunter has lived and worked in this area all his life. I have been quite overwhelmed by the warmth of the reception Mark and I have had across the area."

"I think that people will now be looking for someone who gets things done, who will carry on Patsy Calton's campaigns and who will be a powerful voice for this area in Parliament."

"Mark Hunter will be a very strong local MP and he will also be a respected voice nationally."

The result will not be known until early on Friday morning.

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