Mark Meets Local Trade Justice Campaigners

November 3, 2005 2:44 PM
Mark meets Cheadle trade justice campaigners

Mark meets trade justice campaigners at Westminster

Trade justice campaigners travelled from Cheadle to Westminster yesterday (3rd November) to meet local MP Mark Hunter in the biggest mass-lobby of Parliament this year.

As part of the continuing 'Make Poverty History' campaign, local residents from across Cheadle joined with thousands of other campaigners from all corners of the country to keep the pressure up on the government to give a fair deal to poor countries.

Mark said, "December sees the start of important talks at the World Trade Organisation concerning developing countries, their industries, agriculture and environment. Those talks provide a great opportunity to change trade rules so that they are no longer so unfairly weighted against countries that can least afford it."

"A demonstration at Parliament of this size will certainly focus the mind of the government as these important negotiations approach."

"High levels of correspondence to my office demonstrates that large numbers of Cheadle residents care deeply about these issues and I will do whatever I can to keep the pressure up on the government to deliver a fairer system of trade as well as providing debt relief to nations that really need it."

Cheadle lobbyist, Dave Pearce, who had made the trip to London said, ""We all appreciated the time Mark spent talking to us and were very encouraged by his understanding and support for the Trade Justice campaign."

"It's good to know that he understands that this is one of the most important political issues of the moment. It will be a special advantage that Mark is on the Trade and Industry Select Committee where he can challenge the Government to live up to its rhetoric on Trade Justice and will be able to question the EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson on EU policy to developing countries."


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Photo: courtesy of Mr D Pearce.

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