Medical Provision for Festive Travellers

November 3, 2005 4:48 PM
Chris Davies MEP (left) and Mark with new EHIC card

Chris Davies MEP (left) and Mark with new EHIC card

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter is urging local people who plan to celebrate the New Year abroad to check that they have the new medical card which will provide them with hassle-free treatment across the EU.

Mark is reminding residents that E111 forms will no longer be valid in the European Union after 1st January 2006.

The E111 is being replaced by a new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and extends the kinds of treatment Britons can access abroad. The old style E111 form only provided travellers with emergency treatment when on the continent whereas the new card entitles them to 'medically necessary' care.

Mark said, "Whilst the new system is certainly good news for residents who are planning to travel to the continent as it guarantees access to a greater range of services, it's important that everyone knows about the changes. Applications for the new card are currently taking up to 21 days to process, so make sure you don't leave it too late."

Residents can apply for the card in a number of ways:

• By visiting and following the link to 'Apply Here'.

• Picking up a form from your local Post Office

• Calling 0845 606 2030

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