Education Funding - The Shocking Truth

November 23, 2005 4:55 PM
Classroom with School Children

Cheadle schools are underfunded

£1,280 - that's how much more funding each secondary school pupil in Manchester gets compared to Cheadle pupils every year. This means that students just over the border in the City receive 30% more money each year for their education.

These shocking figures were uncovered from the Department for Education and Skills by Mark Hunter MP who is campaigning to get a better financial deal for local school children in Cheadle.

The figures put Stockport Local Education Authority (LEA) at the bottom of the pile when it comes to schools funding with only 12 other areas in the whole country getting less funding per pupil. Our local LEA is the worst funded of its kind - namely a metropolitan borough - in the country.

Mark said, "It is simply scandalous that children in our area get ripped off by the government every year. Local schools do a great job for our children but I think results and standards would be even more outstanding if they were given a level playing field when it comes to funding."

"These figures demonstrate what a great job local schools are doing for our children in the most difficult financial circumstances."

"The gap between rich and poor areas gets wider every year. That's why our campaign for fair education funding will continue."

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