MP welcomes yob clampdown

November 24, 2005 10:09 AM
Charles Kennedy and Mark Hunter want more police on patrol in our area

Mark and Charles Kennedy meet talking to local Police

Cheadle MP, Mark Hunter has welcomed the council's decision to extend police powers to clamp down on anti-social behaviour in Bramhall.

Mark had met the Chief Superintendent of Police - Neil Wain - last week as well as the Police Inspector for the Bramhall area - Graham Dodd - last Friday evening (18th November) to discuss residents' complaints about anti-social behaviour in the area.

From mid-December, the area between Woodford Road to the South of the village and Bramhall High School to the North, will be subject to a Section 30 Dispersal Order. The order means that police will have greater powers to disperse groups of people whose behaviour is deemed to be intimidating.

The area, which includes the centre of Bramhall Village and the Dairyground residential area, will be subject to the order for six months.

Mark said, "These powers have been used with some success in the past and I'm confident that the new order will go a long way towards clamping down on the kind of yobbish behaviour that can make local people's lives a misery."

"A number of residents have complained about anti-social behaviour in this area over recent months, often caused by people from outside the Bramhall area so we will be keeping a close eye on how the situation develops from here and what more we can do to protect local people and their quality of life."

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