Thoughts on the Campaign trail

July 7, 2005 12:00 AM
By Mark Hunter in Stockport Express
Mark Hunter and Family

Mark, Lesley, Francesca and Robert

It has been an exhilarating last few weeks. I've made many new friends as well as meeting quite a few familiar faces. Just the other day we bumped into a lady who used to be my wife's baby sitter. It's funny how close our local community is.

Two things are clear when I'm out and about talking and listening to local residents. Firstly, what affection local people held Patsy Calton in.

Secondly, many local people have told me how saddened they have been by the American-style negative and personal campaign by the Conservatives. It's been quite shocking the levels they have stooped to. Targeting residents with aggressive messages designed to confuse and insult the intelligence of local people is not my cup of tea.

Our area was lucky to have an MP like Patsy - I know from my work alongside her the commitment she showed to our area. For me she was the model MP, listening to local people and taking our local issues to Westminster. That's the type of local MP I want to be - I want to carry on Patsy's fight for local people.

My campaign is about setting a positive agenda for local people, focusing on the issues that matter to us locally such as fighting for more police on our streets, working to get the vital A555 link finished and securing more investment in our local schools.

Above all, I believe this election is about fighting for our local area, it's about listening to local people and it's about carrying on the work of Patsy Calton in standing up for our area. On July 14th it will be down to local people to decide who is best to carry on the work that Patsy has done in our area.

What would you like to do next?