Mark pledges support for Ming

March 7, 2006 9:48 AM
Ming winning

Ming is the new Lib Dem leader

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has welcomed the election of Sir Menzies Campbell as new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Mark said, "Although I supported Simon Hughes during the campaign, Ming has shown over the years that he is an extraordinarily capable, talented and committed person and politician. I look forward very much to working for and with him."

"Over recent years Ming has proved to be one of the most articulate and passionate opponents of the Iraq war and made the case against the government's folly with immense expertise. I know he can take those considerable talents forward as leader of our party on many other issues too."

"I have no doubt whatsoever that the Ming's accession to the leadership will worry opposition parties very much indeed."

"I was impressed by his first speech to our party conference where he set out his vision for Liberal Democracy. His focus on issues such as giving power back to local people from central government, his commitment to tackling environmental issues and his pledge for fairer taxation gives me great confidence that the Lib Dems can continue to be the party of innovation, passion and principle."

"I believe the party and the country will benefit greatly from the leadership of Ming Campbell."

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