MP and councillors muck in at Gatley Carrs

April 21, 2006 1:48 PM

Mark and councillors mucked in at Gatley Carrs

Local MP and councillors helped out at Gatley Carrs earlier this month where a wildflower meadow is being created. They were on hand to assist with sowing seeds that will eventually become a haven for flora and fauna.

Gatley Carrs is 19 acres of woodland, meadow and other natural features where the Gatley Carrs Conservation Group work alongside the local council to encourage wildlife and conserve of our natural environment. The area was recently awarded Local Nature Reserve status by English Heritage.

Mark said, "The Gatley Carrs Conservation Group do a brilliant job for the area and they deserve our thanks for their efforts. The wildflower meadow will be another great addition to one of our constituency's natural gems."

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