Mark quizzes Minister over ID cards

May 12, 2006 3:03 PM
ID Cards - Expensive, Intrusive, Ineffective

Mark and Lib Dem colleagues consistently opposed ID cards

With the government ploughing ahead with its scheme to force all British citizens to carry ID cards, Cheadle MP Mark Hunter took the opportunity this week to quiz the minister in charge of the project.

In a parliamentary debate at Westminster, Mark took the opportunity to hold the government to account about the costs and management of delivering ID cards.

Mark said, "This government sadly has a shockingly poor record on delivering major IT projects and the ID cards plan is set to be the biggest of the lot. Whether it's criminal records checks, immigration computer systems or in the NHS, we've seen a succession of management disasters. The government simply cannot be allowed to fail on this one."

"I still maintain that the many billions of pounds of tax payers' money earmarked for ID cards would be better spent on getting more frontline police officers back on the beat in local communities. When i speak to local people in our area, they want to see a greater police presence and that just won't happen without major investment."

"Without proper scrutiny, i fear the government is in danger of pouring billions of pounds down the drain all for the sake of one of Tony Blair's pet projects."

"Liberal Democrats argued in Parliament that ID cards were unnecessary on the basis of principle and practicality. Now that the government seems intent on forcing through its will on this issue, i and my colleagues will be doing our best to ensure that - at least - the government manages the project effectively and efficiently."

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