Mark makes a stand against ID cards

June 1, 2006 2:52 PM

Mark with fellow Lib Dems Simon hughes (left) and Nick Clegg (right) at the passport office

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter is applying to renew his passport to prevent his details from being added to the ID cards database. Mark joined his Lib Dem colleagues at London's passport office as a show of defiance against the government's imposition of ID cards.

Once the Government has set up the National Identity Database, everyone who applies for a passport will have to attend an interview and have their fingerprints and irises scanned.

Passports issued now will be valid for 10 years, meaning people will be able to wait until 2016 before they have to register for an ID card.

Commenting on the situation Mark said:

"At a time when our local police is facing cuts to officer numbers on the beat in our area, the government are forcing through this monumentally expensive scheme. ID cards will be expensive, intrusive and ineffective".

"I urge everyone who is concerned about their introduction to join the NO2ID 'Renew for Freedom' campaign and renew their passport over the coming weeks.

Lib Dem Shadow Home Secretary Nick Clegg MP added:

"The Liberal Democrats were the only party to vote against the introduction of identity cards, and we're making our opposition clear today by buying ourselves 10 years of freedom from this unnecessary scheme."

You too can sign the Liberal Democrat petition against ID cards at and see the passport renewal site from the No2ID campaign for how to avoid being on the National Identity Register yourself.

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