MP backs Bramhall residents at Public Inquiry

June 21, 2006 3:52 PM
Mark in Bramhalll with residents

Mark has campaigned against the Persimmon Homes development

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter spoke out on behalf of local residents today at the first day of the (re-opened) Public Inquiry into plans for 163 apartments at the site of the former Adswood tip - off Midland Road, Bramhall.

The planning application has been a contentious issue for several years. Stockport Council originally rejected the application by Persimmon Homes to build over 150 apartments at the Midland Road/Geneva Road site in Bramhall back in 2003 Persimmon Homes appealed against the decision and a Public Inquiry was held in 2004. The Inspector who led that Inquiry decided that the Council had been incorrect to reject the application and said that the application should be allowed to proceed. In August 2005, the Minister in charge of planning issues - John Prescott - intervened saying that the Council had been correct in rejecting the application. In October 2005, though, Mr Prescott made a u-turn and announced that the Public Inquiry should be re-opened.

The Inquiry began today (20th June) at Stockport Town Hall. Amongst the witnesses appearing to oppose the application was local Member of Parliament, Mark Hunter.

Speaking after giving evidence to the Inquiry, Mark said, "There are a host of reasons why I and many local residents are opposed to this development. Local roads would not be able to cope with the volume of extra traffic the development would undoubtedly create; there are serious safety issues involved with contamination at the site from its days as a tip; and the local area in general simply doesn't have the amenities to cope with this scale of development.

"In addition, the Council has introduced a policy which states that Stockport borough has sufficient housing to meet its needs for the next ten years and more. This reason alone should mean that the application is turned down by the Planning Inspector and I hope she does precisely that."

"Over recent years we have seen that housing over-development puts a real strain on local roads and services and it detracts from the overall character of our neighbourhoods. That is why I have fought against this development and will continue to do so."

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