Mark Hunter votes to cut holiday time.....for MPs

July 10, 2006 11:49 AM
Westminster Clock Tower Big Ben / Houses of Parliament [Photo: Emma Cooley]

Mark voted to cut holiday time for MPs

Local MP Mark Hunter has voted in the House of Commons to cut the long summer break enjoyed by Members of Parliament.

A proposal put before the House last week was to give formal approval to the summer recess for MPs. The proposal meant that there would be no business for MPs in the House between 25th July and 9th October. Mark voted against the proposal.

Speaking after the vote, Mark commented, "I fully understand that many MPs - like me - will have plenty to do in their constituencies during the summer but i think it sends out all the wrong messages to the public if we continue to have such long summer break."

"A ten week holiday is, in my view, excessive and is a perk that very few people outside Westminster enjoy."

Despite the campaign to shorten the summer break, MPs still voted to retain the long recess.

Mark added, "During the summer months, i will continuing to get out and about in all parts of the constituency to meet local people and listen to their concerns. I fundamentally disagree with the length of the recess but i'm going to take advantage of it to give the best possible service to local residents."

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