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MP engages with local business

August 9, 2006 1:56 PM

Mark launches major business survey

Local MP Mark Hunter this week launched a major business survey across Cheadle constituency to find out about the priorities and challenges facing the business community in our locality.

The survey aims to find out how local shopkeepers and business people view issues such as transport, taxation, insurance, fuel costs and wider economic issues. Mark is hoping to use that information to lobby on behalf of the local commercial sector even more effectively.

Several hundred surveys have been distributed across the Cheadle area to a range of businesses and Mr Hunter's office has already received several responses within a matter of days.

On launching the survey, Mark commented, "Traditionally, our area has enjoyed low unemployment and high levels of prosperity. But that doesn't mean local businesses don't often struggle with government red tape, transport difficulties and skills shortages. That is why I want find out what their priorities are for our area and what I can do in Parliament to assist them."

Mark added, "Businesses in our constituency are the bedrock of many of our local communities so it is important to engage with them as effectively as possible. As well as representing all residents in Cheadle, I also do my best to lobby on behalf of businesses and other organisations based in our area."