MP to meet police chiefs

September 8, 2006 4:42 PM
Mark and BRian Police

Mark and council leader Brian Millard discuss policing issues

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter is to meet local Police chiefs to discuss crime and anti-social behaviour in Cheadle and surrounding areas. As well as meeting Stockport Chief of Police, Mark has also arranged to speak to the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Mike Todd.

Mark is campaigning for our area to get more bobbies on the beat locally and - especially considering recent problems with anti-social behaviour in parts of the constituency - he wants more high visibility policing in the community.

Ahead of the meetings, Mark said, "In particular, i am keen to hear their views on the kind of community policing that exists in London. Residents of the capital enjoy dedicated local policing teams whose priority is to be a highly visible force both to deter crime and to make law abiding citizens feel safer."

"I will continue to campaign in Parliament for our area to get the same levels of policing as Londoners. At the moment that simply isn't the case for Cheadle."

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