Government must rethink abolition of post office card account

October 16, 2006 3:35 PM
save our post offices

Save Our Post Offices

Commenting on new figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats that show over in Cheadle 3,800 people use the post office card account to receive their pensions or benefits Liberal Democrat Mark Hunter MP said:

"Nearly 4,000 residents in Cheadle constituency use the post office account and many of our post offices rely on their income by providing this service. The abolition of the account will be a devastating blow to customers and post offices alike. The government just don't care about post offices."

"The government shouldn't be surprised that local post offices are closing in Cheadle and across the country. They are taking a vital revenue stream away from sub-post offices and making their future almost totally inviable. It's nothing short of a disgrace."

Commenting further on an Age Concern Report published earlier this month Mark said:

"Age Concern have recently highlighted the devastating effect post office closures have on the quality of life for older people. The government should be trying to preserve post offices not destroy them."

The Age Concern report findings on Post Offices can be found at

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