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"Another slap in the face for local people by the government" - Minister allows Adswood tip development

October 16, 2006 5:11 PM
Mark in Parliament

Mark says the government's decision is a 'slap in the face' for local people

Reacting to the news that the government has allowed the planning application to build over 150 dwellings on the site of the former Adswood Tip in Bramhall, local MP Mark Hunter said he was "stunned and appalled by the decision."

Said Mark, "To say I'm disappointed by this decision would be a massive understatement. I'm absolutely appalled. On the face of it, this decision flies in the face of common sense. How anybody who has visited the site could come to the conclusion that this is an appropriate location for further development - bearing in mind the existing traffic problems - is beyond me."

"The Inspector's decision, which was backed by the government, would appear to go against the council's housing policy which is designed to guard against inappropriate development of this sort."

"The traffic congestion on Bramhall Lane South is already so bad that delays are inevitable at peak time pretty much every day. It seems to me this proposed development will put yet more pressure on roads that are already struggling to cope."

"The Secretary of State has yet again shown a flagrant disregard for the representations of local people, the council and two members of Parliament."

"As I said at the Public Inquiry, there are also still very important concerns about what is buried underneath the tip and the kinds of dangerous gases and chemicals which haven't been accounted for during the planning process. Many residents have told me that they witnessed a great deal of suspicious dumping whilst the tip was in use."

"Local residents and I have fought this development every step of the way but we've all been let down by the government and the so-called independent planning inspectorate."