Mark supports phones 4 Africa campaign

October 24, 2006 4:42 PM
phones 4 africa

Mark donating a mobile phone to the Phones 4 Africa campaign

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has called on local people to donate their old, unwanted handsets to African countries.

On October 18 2006 Parliament launched "Phones 4 Africa", a campaign which will send old, unwanted mobile phones to be reconditioned and reused in African nations.

Said Mark, "Literally thousands of phones are thrown away in this country every day even though the handsets can last for up to ten years. Not only that but phones contain a number of hazardous chemicals which are released into the environment when they are sent to landfill."

"So by sending your unwanted mobile phones to developing countries can not only help protect our environment from hazardous waste and toxic chemicals but can help people in developing countries to do business and keep in touch with their families."

"Wider access to communications in Africa has proven to be an important element in tackling poverty. Having a phone means having a voice and that is the best way to help people out of poverty."

Peter Gabriel, who came to open the campaign launch, said, "Phones 4 Africa is a brilliant idea. With all the things to be pessimistic about in the world, mobile phones are a great reason to be optimistic. Mobiles have been adopted faster in the developing world than in the developed world. They have the capability for improving lives."

"I work with the Mandela Foundation which worked with coffee growers in Zimbabwe who were being ripped off by middle men. As soon as they had mobile phones they were able to get commodity prices directly from the Chicago Exchange. This transformed their local economy."

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