Mark gauges green views

December 6, 2006 2:52 PM
Mark environment

Mark's environment survey has brought a massive response from local people

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has launched a massive ''green' survey to find out more about local residents' views on environmental issues. Thousands have already been distributed across the constituency and responses are flooding back.

The environment survey is designed to get residents' feedback on important environmental issues such as domestic energy use, the local transport network and recycling facilities.

Said Mark: "Climate change is the one of the most pressing issues that we face today. We all have our part to play in preserving the environment. I am keen to learn what measures people are already taking in their homes to conserve energy and their views on what more can be done at a local, national and international level."

"I will be writing to the Secretary of State for the Environment to let him know the findings of my environment survey. It is important that the Government appreciate how strongly people feel about this issue and it is important that politicians of all parties listen to the message"

The Liberal Democrats are the only political party to have specific green tax proposals. Recently, the Government's own expert, Sir Nicholas Stern recommended that urgent action was needed to tackle global warming.

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