Mark meets local Christie Crew members

December 13, 2006 1:51 PM
Christie Crew

Mark with local Christie Crew members; Becky Smalley (who devised the ID card scheme), Gemma Read and their friend Lisa Sharpe.

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter recently welcomed the young cancer patients known as the 'Christie Crew' to Parliament. The visit was part of a trip by the young people to Westminster to update local MPs on their attempts to improve the care and services for teenagers and young adults suffering with cancer.

Following a tour of the Houses of Parliament, the Christie Crew met with a number of MPs to discuss their concerns at how young cancer sufferers were discriminated against by pubs and clubs because of their appearance.

In early September the Christie Crew launched the 'Don't Hide Wear With Pride' ID Card Scheme which allows card carriers to enter bars and clubs despite the fact that the hats, headscarves or trainers they wear as a result of their treatment may contradict the dress code, and following Wednesday's discussion with MPs, the Teenage Cancer Trust has pledged that if the scheme proves successful in Manchester they will provide vital cash to roll the scheme out nationwide.

After meeting members of the Christie Crew from Cheadle, Mark said, "It was great to meet local young people in Parliament to talk about the services they receive."

"The ID card scheme is an excellent idea and I hope it will mean much less hassle for the Christie Crew as they try to enjoy a normal life."


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