MPs say Police funding crisis must be tackled now

January 4, 2007 2:34 PM
Greater Manchester police

Mark is fighting police cuts in our area

More savage cuts in policing across Greater Manchester are inevitable over the next three years, say the area's Liberal Democrat MPs, unless there is a massive Government U-turn on grant money.

Cheadle Constituency MP, Mark Hunter and three of his Greater Manchester Parliamentary colleagues emerged 'shocked and dismayed' from a recent briefing meeting with the Police Authority Chairman. The urgent talks were called to discuss the crisis over next year's Police Budget.

This year, despite recorded crime being 3.6% higher the government has cut funding for the local police force, resulting in 216 fewer police officers on our streets.

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter, who is a Liberal Democrat frontbench spokesperson on Home Affairs and Policing, said "I could not believe what we were hearing. We were told that there can be no chance of restoring the 216 police officers lost this year, and that the Chief Constable's present calculation is that there will be a £27 million shortage over the next two years. I have already asked for a meeting with the Home Secretary, and my colleagues and I fully intend to take the whole question of the crisis in police funding to Downing Street. Thousands of people across Greater Manchester have signed the Liberal Democrat petition against the Police Cuts and it is high time the Government started listening to what people are saying! "

The Liberal Democrats propose to put 1,000 extra police officers onto our streets, funded by scrapping Labours multi-billion pound impractical ID card scheme.

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