MP takes fight for police funding to the House of Commons

February 7, 2007 9:47 AM
Mark speaks out in Parliament

Mark speaks out in Parliament

The battle for additional, much needed, funding for the Greater Manchester Police was taken to the floor of the House of Commons on Wednesday of this week (31st January) by Mark Hunter MP for Cheadle. Speaking from the front bench, in response to the annual police grant announcement, Mark Hunter slammed the grant as totally inadequate and called for more funding for the local police force.

In his speech the Cheadle MP pointed out that according to the Labour run Greater Manchester Police Authority, his local force is facing cuts of £39 million over the next three years which could mean the loss of up to 600 police officers from our streets.

Mr Hunter added that the 3.6% increase in the annual police grant was not enough to sustain current deployment levels and that under funding would inevitably lead to fewer police officers on the beat at the very time local communities were understandably demanding more.

Speaking after the debate Mark Hunter said: "I just hope the Government are listening to our message. I know local people in the Cheadle constituency agree with me that we don't see the police often enough as it is, the idea that there could be even fewer in the future doesn't bare thinking about. I will continue my campaign to ensure fair funding for the GMP. Local residents need and deserve a better deal and a stronger police presence in our community".

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