Local MP joins pensions protest

February 16, 2007 1:06 PM
Mark Hunter and other Liberal Democrat MPs at Pensions Protest

Mark Hunter and other Liberal Democrat MPs at Pensions Protest

Mark Hunter, MP for Cheadle, has joined protesters outside Parliament calling on Government to honour the recommendations of the Parliamentary Ombudsman by compensating those who have lost their occupational pensions.

Today (7th February 2006) is the first day of the Judicial Review to study the Government's refusal to accept the Ombudsman's report on pension compensation. Mark joined the protesters gathered on Parliament Square to speak out against the Government's actions.

Speaking after the event, Mark said, "The Government have acted disgracefully, they should accept the Ombudsman's report and the European Court of Justice's judgment and pay the compensation to which people are entitled.

"If the Government loses the judicial review, and is found to have acted unlawfully in ignoring the Ombudsman, then the Government will have to face up to its responsibilities.

"So far the Government has ignored the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the European Court of Justice's recommendations and the findings of the Public Accounts Select Committee - it must now act justly towards the public and pay up."

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