Local MP calls for the speed limit to be reduced in residential areas

February 27, 2007 4:48 PM
20 mph

residential areas should be 20mph zones

Cheadle MP, Mark Hunter, was in the House of Commons today (27th February) to support the introduction of a new Ten Minute Rule Bill which he is co-sponsoring. The Speed Limits (Amendment) Bill, introduced by neighbouring Liberal Democrat MP, John Leech (Manchester, Withington), has the backing of a cross party group of MPs. The Bill seeks to reduce the default speed limit in residential areas from 30 to 20 miles per hour (mph). If Government backing is forthcoming it could become law.

Speaking after the Bill won its second reading, Mark Hunter commented, "I receive lots of complaints from local people who are rightly concerned about the speed of traffic in residential areas. Sadly too many motorists drive too quickly and perhaps do not realise the danger to pedestrians particularly in residential areas, where there is often a large population of children and elderly people. Whilst I was leader of the Stockport Council I was responsible for the introduction of the 20 mph limits outside schools across the borough, and I still believe more needs to be done to protect pedestrians and particularly children, this Bill will help us achieve this."

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