Local MP Mark Hunter appalled at lack of local dentist provision

March 13, 2007 6:04 PM

Today (13th March 2007), Mark Hunter MP for Cheadle questioned the Secretary of State for Health about the lack of dental provision in Cheadle and across the country. In 1999 the Prime Minister pledged that by September 2001 anyone would have access to a NHS dentist, wherever they lived. Eight years later less more half of British adults are not registered with a NHS dentist, according to the British Dental Association.

In the Cheadle constituency itself, according to a dental helpline created by Stockport PCT, there are currently no dental surgeries taking on NHS patients. The only exception to this is a dentist in Gatley, where NHS patients are placed on a six month long waiting list before even a preliminary appointment can be made.

Commenting after Health questions, Mark Hunter said, "The level of NHS dentistry both in Cheadle and nationally in scandalous. It is appalling that after ten years of Labour government many of my constituents still cannot get access to an NHS dentist. It is obviously a situation that is not improving, as my postbag shows. I have received numerous letters from constituents who are shocked when their dentist stops accepting them as an NHS patient, and then find it impossible to find another dental surgery in the area who will take them on. This situation is totally unacceptable and has been the case for far too long. It is time for the Government to do something about this and keep their promise of NHS dental provision for all, wherever they live".

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