Criminal Justice System in Action - Mark Hunter MP visits Witness Service Volunteers

March 28, 2007 4:20 PM
The witness service is part of the Victim Support Service

The witness service is part of the Victim Support Service

MP Mark Hunter last Friday visited the new Witness Service Room, a new facility at Stockport Magistrates Court. The room allows witnesses to rest before their appearance in court and Mark was pleased to meet the volunteers who make this valuable service possible.

The Witness Service is part of the Victim Support Service, an organisation Mark Hunter is keen support. The Service operates in every criminal court in Manchester, and employs trained volunteers to help with the whole process of appearing in court as a witness. The volunteers help with everything from familiarising the witness with the courtroom to informing witnesses of where to obtain advice, helping to ensure the experience of the courts is as easy for witnesses as possible.

Mark applauded the dedication of the Witness Service staff, saying "I'm pleased that people are willing to dedicate their time to such a worthwhile cause. Support initiatives such as the Witness Service can help restore trust in the justice system. "

Law and order is a top priority for Mark and the Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dem "We can cut crime" campaign has been the party's focus since its launch in January and seeks to tackle the issues of rising low-level crime and anti-social behaviour without threatening civil liberties already at risk under the current labour government.

Details of the Manchester Victim Support Service and the Witness service can be sound at www.victimesupp

Details of the Liberal Democrat "We can cut crime" campaign can be found at

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