Local MP Mark Hunter joins NSPCC in campaign to support child witnesses

March 29, 2007 4:23 PM

Mark joins NSPCC in campaign to support child witnesses

Local MP Mark Hunter has joined the NSPCC in calling on government to ensure that all child witnesses have the support the need to bring abusers to justice. The NSPCC says more money is needed to improve services in England and Wales, which are inconsistent and under-funded.

Every year, 29,000 children - some as young as five - give evidence in court. Many fail to get proper services to support them through the confusion and distress of appearing as a witness. Some children say the experience is as traumatic as the abuse they have suffered. Mark Hunter MP has joined the campaign by signing Early Day Motion (EDM) 739, which calls for the Government to take action to ensure that support is available for these children.

Speaking after signing the EDM Mr Hunter said, "Abused children have already suffered horrific experiences. Facing court can reopen old wounds. Without support child witnesses are left vulnerable and ill-equipped to face interrogation in court, and provide robust evidence to convict their abuser and achieve justice. The Government should act to ensure the support these children need is available."

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