Local MP joins world's biggest children campaign to demand every child gets an education

May 2, 2007 10:14 AM

Mark 'Joins up' to the campaign for global education

Mark Hunter, MP for Cheadle has joined the Global Campaign for Education, the world's largest children's campaign to demand that the 80 million children who are currently out of school are no longer denied their right to an education.

As part of the campaign, thousands of children up and down the country are joining up and forming chains to demand that world leaders take action on education. In the past few years over 8000 UK schools have taken part in the campaign to get every child into school. Creating over five million 'buddies', the children have continuously lobbied world leaders to keep their promises on education.

The campaign 2007 marks the half-way point to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG'S), the promises which governments made to tackle poverty by 2015. The education goal of all children completing a primary school education has a real chance of success if urgent action is taken.

Speaking after the parliamentary meeting for the campaign, Mr Hunter said; '£3.3 billion is still needed each year if world governments are to keep this promise of providing free primary education for all by 2015. The situation is urgent, this investment needs to be guaranteed now or millions of children, mostly girls and those with disabilities, will be denied the basic right to an education. The possibility for change for these children, their communities and countries is being squandered by denying them the right to an education. Collectively we must put pressure on the Government to ensure that the UK does its share in helping to reach this goal."

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