Local MP Mark Hunter backs heart campaign and urges over 50s to "get physical"

May 15, 2007 6:24 PM
British Heart Foundation

Mark Hunter demostrating activities over-50s can do to 'keep active'

Mark Hunter MP today backed a British Heart Foundation (BHF) campaign urging people over 50 to be physically active for the sake of their health.

The MP for Cheadle gave the thumbs up to the heart charity's 30 a Day campaign, after hearing the facts presented by BHF at a House of Commons meeting. BHF statistics reveal someone in the UK dies every 15 minutes as a direct result of physical inactivity, so Mark is encouraging adults in his area to be active for 30 minutes every day.

At the House of Commons, Mr Hunter heard experts talk about key statistics and the importance of physical activity in our ageing population. Just 30% of people over 50 in the UK get their 30 a day, but the benefits are massive, it can halve your risk of heart disease and many other illnesses, setting people up for a healthy, independent later life.

Mr Hunter is also actively supporting the BHF in its appeal for:

o Government to run campaigns to encourage physical activity for the over 50s.

o Doctors to routinely refer patients to physical activity programmes.

o Local authorities to build safe and 'walkable' towns.

o Businesses to invest in activity schemes for older staff.

o Fitness industry and sports clubs to run sessions for over 50s.

Speaking after the event Mark said: "This is a fun campaign with an important message. Get physical, have fun and protect your future health. There are lots of ways to get your 30 a Day, but ones that you enjoy and can fit into every day life are likely to be the winners - be it gardening, walking the dog or a bit of a dance.

The Government need to be doing more to encourage the over-50s to be more active. This is especially true given the ageing population, current average diet and the growing numbers of people suffering from diet related health problems such as heart disease".

People are urged to visit the campaign website, bhf.org.uk/30aday for practical, fun ways to be physically active, or to order a free campaign booklet by calling 0808 156 5630.

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