Labour attacked over Iraq inquiry

June 25, 2007 10:26 AM
Bush and Blair must answer to the electorate for their policies in Iraq

Liberal Democrats call for inquiry into Iraq

Local MP Mark Hunter joined his Liberal Democrat Colleagues in the House of Commons in attacking Labour for voting against a call for an independent inquiry into the Iraq war and occupation. Mr Hunter voted on Monday 11th June in the House of Commons to call for an inquiry.

Speaking after the vote Mr Hunter said "I am disappointed that so many Labour MPs voted for there to be no inquiry in the war on Iraq and its aftermath. Only 10 Labour MPs voted for an inquiry to take place.

"Liberal Democrats have consistently argued for an inquiry since the invasion in 2003 when we opposed the decision to go to war. The Government, however, is still stalling arguing that all troops need to be withdrawn from Iraq before an inquiry can take place. This seems to me to just be another attempt to delay the public from seeing what really happened with the Iraq War fiasco.

"Gordon Brown has called for a more open and accountable way of running government, yet the Labour Government still attempts to block the introduction of a full and independent inquiry into what has been the biggest disaster in foreign affairs for our country in half a century. Government needs to learn lessons from this disastrous venture, and this avoidance will not wash with the British people.

Mr Hunter also commented that a timetable for withdrawal of British troops needs to be set. "The presence of the occupation troops is no longer seen as the solution to Iraq's problems. Instead, the occupation is seen as part of the problem by Iraqi people."

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