SOS for the NHS

September 12, 2007 5:51 PM

Mark continues to campaign for a better NHS

Local MPs, Andrew Stunell and Mark Hunter have teamed up to pledge their support for local health services this week and launch a major survey of NHS services across the Hazel Grove and Cheadle Parliamentary constituencies . The survey asks for peoples' views on a wide range of issues such as services at Stepping Hill hospital right down to the services available at local doctor and dentist surgeries.

Commenting on the launch of the survey, the Mr Stunell said: "The doctors, nurses and thousands of other health professionals and staff do a fantastic job. But, like many people in our area, I am very concerned about the pressures our NHS faces today.

"I want to make sure local people have the best quality health services when you and your family need them most. This means making sure the money gets to the front line and isn't wasted."

Mr Hunter added: "We have launched this comprehensive health survey to find out more about local residents' experiences and views of our local health service. The results will enable us to take up any concerns in Westminster as well as a deal with more local health matters.

"This is a crucial time for our local NHS. Several hospitals in Greater Manchester are facing savage cuts and it is not that long ago that maternity services at Stepping Hill were under threat. The NHS is major concern in our local community and we are determined to protect the services we have."

Local Liberal Democrats will be delivering the survey by hand to thousands of homes across their constituencies homes this month as well as making it available online at or

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