Local MP welcomes National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

October 8, 2007 4:52 PM
Identity Fraud

Identity fraud can be stopped - take precautions!

Mark Hunter MP for the Cheadle Constituency urges constituents to get 'identity fraud wise'.

The National Identity Fraud Prevention Week aims to raise awareness of the dangers of identity fraud and inform the public and businesses on the steps they could and should be taking to protect themselves from identity fraud.

This awareness drive has been put in place by an expert group of public and private sector partners, and is being supported by Mark Hunter MP, as well as the Identity and Passport Service, CIFAS - the UK's Fraud Prevention Service, the Federation of Small Business, and the DVLA.

Independent bin raiding and Populus polling research commissioned for the week has revealed that 79% of households regularly place sensitive materials in their waster and recycling bins, despite the fact that 80% of Britain's fear their identity being stolen.

Simple measures to protect identities include: keeping all personal documents secure, shredding all documents that include personal information (e.g. bank statements/receipts/utility bills) before disposing of them, regularly checking bank and credit card statements, redirecting your mail when you move, refusing to give our personal information to unidentified individuals, and never responding to emails asking for information.

Mr Hunter speaking in the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week said; "I firmly support the message of the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week and congratulate the partners involved who have worked together to raise awareness of the very real and growing problem of identity fraud both in our local area and across the UK.

Identity fraud is a very serious crime that can be stopped by individuals being careful with their personal information, and I join with the partners in the National Fraud Prevention Week in encouraging individuals and businesses to stop taking chances with their identities. You wouldn't leave your car or house unlocked, and protecting your identity is just as important."

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