Mark presses for progress on new Health Centre - Time to move to permanent premises, says MP

October 30, 2007 1:18 PM
Heald Green Health Centre

Mark with Alf Churchhouse and Judith Durrant, Chair and Secretary of the Heald Green Health Centre Patients Participation Group

Local MP Mark Hunter last Friday (19th October) visited the temporary facilities of Heald Green Health Centre, on Outwood Road, where he met members of the Patients Participation Group, Alf Churchhouse and Judith Durrant, as well as staff working in the temporary premises.

Heald Green Health Centre Workers

Mark in Heald Green Health Centre with Dr Sarah Griffiths and Denise Hamilton, a Health Care Assistant

During a tour of the building, Mark met Dr Sarah Griffiths and Denise Hamilton, a Health-care Assistant, both of whom told him how much of an improvement the temporary facilities were from the old health centre premises on Finney Lane. Mark was impressed with the health centre, which is bright, airy and well maintained by staff, but stressed the need to move to the long awaited permanent building as soon as possible;

"I'm really glad that local patients have got a much better service in this temporary building, but everyone know this is just a stop gap solution. I'm continuing to press Primary Care Trust bosses to ensure there are no more delays in the move to the new permanent building back on Finney Lane. Once that one opens its doors, now expected to be just before Christmas next year (2008), we can really celebrate!"

Following operational delays, work on the new site of the Heald Green Health Centre is expected to begin in the next few weeks before Christmas this year (2007), with completion scheduled before the end of 2008. At the Health Centre Mark also met Ray Goodyear, from the Primary Care Trust, who assured him that the building programme for the new Health Centre was back on schedule.

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