North Park Road Shops - Time for Action, says MP

November 12, 2007 10:00 AM
North Park Road Shops

Mr Hunter met with local residents and shop-owners to discuss the North Park Road shops

The property management agency responsible for the letting of shop units in North Park Road in Bramhall, Garner & Sons, met yesterday (1st Nov) with local MP Mark Hunter to discuss the need for action to improve the appearance of and environment around its shops.

The on-site meeting, which also included local traders, came in response to requests from local people who were concerned that the shops were in a poor state of repair and in need of attention.

Mr Hunter, accompanied by Mr Martyn Garner, took a firsthand look at the problems and discussed how improvements may be made. Mr Hunter also expressed concern about the shop units not currently in use, and agreed that they needed to be fully utilised in order to maximise benefit to the local community and traders alike.

Speaking immediately after the site visit, Mr Hunter said "There are a number of problems in this vicinity which need to be tackled. I know residents share my concerns about anti-social behaviour and lack of police presence, but there is also a strong view that the shopping parade has become run down in recent years, and the unused units don't help either."

"I'm pleased that Mr Garner, representing the owners, was able to come and have a look at the problems with me and we have discussed a number of ways in which the current situation might be improved. At the end of the day we are agreed, more work does need to be done - to bring all the shop units back into use and upgrade their appearance. Security too is a major issue which needs to be addressed, and along with local councillor Helen Foster-Grime, I will be stepping up the pressure on all the parties involved - including the Council- to improve this area."

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