MPs call on Government to honour police pay decision

January 22, 2008 11:12 AM
Police cuts

Local Lib Dem MPs - Mark Hunter, Andrew Stunell, John Leech and Paul Rowen - presenting the stop the police cuts petition at 10, Downing Street

Stockport MPs Andrew Stunell and Mark Hunter will meet this week with representatives from Greater Manchester Police to offer support over the Government's fudging of police pay.

The Home Secretary's decision to refuse an extra 0.6% pay rise for the police has come despite a ruling by the independent Police Arbitration Tribunal and will mean that police pay will actually fall in real terms.

Hazel Grove MP, Andrew Stunell said: "The Government's behaviour over this issue has been deceitful and underhand. Why go through the pretence of consulting the Police Arbitration Tribunal if the outcome has already been decided?

"The pay deal recommended is fair, and properly rewards the brave, hardworking people who face tremendous personal risks providing a public service. We should give our police the respect that they deserve."

Cheadle MP, Mark Hunter said: "This situation needs to be solved and soon. The Government should stand by the ruling of the Police Arbitration Tribunal and give our police forces the pay rise they deserve.

Our police men and women are tremendously hard working and often put their lives on the line for the sake of public order and safety. They commit themselves to making our local communities a safer place. The Government has let them done and through them the public at large."

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