Local MP supports NSPCC full stop campaign

January 28, 2008 1:26 PM

Mark is supporting the NSPCC's Full Stop campaign

Mark Hunter, MP for the Cheadle Constituency, is urging local people to do their bit to end cruelty to children by backing the NSPCC's Be the FULL STOP campaign.

The campaign calls on the public to help end abuse, stressing that individual actions can and do make a difference.

People are encouraged to put themselves on the charity's FULL STOP map which can be found at www.bethefullstop.com. Once on the map people can pledge to do one of a number of actions, from donating to becoming a campaigner.

Speaking about why he is supporting the NSPCC, Mr Hunter said: "The NSPCC cannot end cruelty alone and they need the support of others in a bid to do this. Individual actions can, and do, make a difference and I urge people across the Cheadle constituency to go to the map and pledge support to do their bit.

All sections of the community can play a part and this campaign demonstrates some simple steps we can all take - whether individually, in our schools, at our places of work or as part of our wider community groups - we can all do our bit to protect children."

Deborah Sefton, NSPCC community fundraising manager for Cheadle, said: "Because 84 per cent of NSPCC funding comes from voluntary donations and fundraising, the NSPCC's work, including its services in Greater Manchester, are heavily reliant on the generosity of the general public.

"I would really like to hear from anyone who is keen to start a new fundraising group in the area or is interested in doing a one off event. People can express their interest by putting themselves on the Be the FULL STOP map at www.bethefullstop.com or contact me on 0161 628 1209 or 07967 623797.

"By putting yourself on the map and pledging to undertake an action you are helping to spread the FULL STOP message."

The NSPCC provides a number of local services in Greater Manchester to help children and their families overcome the devastating effects of abuse and neglect, including therapeutic and family support services. The NSPCC Helpline also has a base in Greater Manchester and ChildLine operate a service which is staffed by volunteers from across the area.

One very simple act that people can do is to help the NSPCC spread the message about ending cruelty to children by putting up a poster, which can be downloaded or ordered for free from www.bethefullstop.com under the title 'local campaigning deed'. The poster contains contact details for the NSPCC helplines, including ChildLine, so this simple action could assist someone who has a concern about the well being of a child, or even a child experiencing abuse themselves, in finding help.

Other actions that people can take to BE the FULL STOP including:

• Wearing a FULL STOP badge

• Getting involved in a local campaign

• Joining a fundraising group

• Learning how to recognise the signs of abuse

• Volunteering for ChildLine or another NSPCC service

• Donating £2 a month

• Reading an issue of Your Family

• Using, saving and passing on the directory enquiry number 118 520 which donates 9p per call to the NSPCC

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