Local MP challenges Prime Minister over police pay

January 30, 2008 4:54 PM

Mark Challenges Prime Minister

Today in the House of Commons Mark Hunter challenged the Prime Minister over the issue of police pay and the Government's use of independent pay arbitration tribunals during Prime Minister's Questions.

Mr Hunter asked the Prime Minister to explain the point of taking any future pay disputes with public sector workers to independent arbitration, when the Government could and did ignore the findings of the recent tribunal on police pay.

The Prime Minister replied that he had "made it clear throughout the whole year that we were staging public sector pay awards", and did not show any intention of backing down from this position.

The Government proposals to stage police pay will mean that police men and women will only receive a 1.9% pay increase, rather than the 2.5% that the independent tribunal advised. With high levels of inflation, police pay will drop in real terms over the next year.

Commenting Mark Hunter MP said: "Last week saw police from all over the country march on London in protest of the appalling way the Government has treated them. I was able to show my support by attending the rally and meeting representatives from our local police force. But we need to keep the pressure up on this issue - which is why I challenged the Prime Minister today in Prime Minster's Questions.

It simply isn't good enough that the Government can completely ignore an independent tribunal. They should be ashamed of dishing out what will amount to a pay cut in real terms to the police men and women who work so tirelessly to keep our streets safe. The Government has let them down in the most deceitful and underhand way and they should now back down and award the police the pay they deserve."

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