Local MP inspects the Nimrod MRA4

February 22, 2008 2:07 PM
Mark - Nimrod

Mark inside the cockpit shell of one of the new Nimrod planes that are being worked on at the Woodford site.

During the Parliamentary recess last week Mark Hunter, local MP for Cheadle, visited the BAE Systems site in Woodford to see for himself the progress on the Nimrod project.

Mark - Nimrod 2

Mark inspects the fuselage with Site General Manager and Director of Nimrod Production Jim Welsh

The Ministry of Defence awarded the Nimrod project, worth over £2 billion to BAE Systems in July 1996. The programme involves the re-engineering and re-build of twelve Nimrod MR2 aircraft to a new standard, the Nimrod MRA4 (Maritime, Reconnaissance and Attack), plus training and support packages.

The Nimrod MRA4 is designed not only to be more effective in its maritime role but also to create additional capability and enable it to undertake other missions. There is now a three aircraft development fleet fully engaged in flight trials, and the MRA4 is due to enter service with the RAF in late 2010.

The BAE Woodford site employs hundreds of local people and Mr Hunter is a regular visitor for briefings with Management and Staff Representatives. On this occasion he was shown around the facility by Site General Manager and Director of Nimrod Production Jim Welsh to inspect the aircraft being built at the facility and see the progress being made.

Mr Hunter, speaking after the visit said; "This follow up visit to the Woodford site allowed me to catch up on the current work being undertaken on these aircraft at the site. It was great to see such progress being made and I look forward to seeing the planes in their finished state. The aircraft are being rebuilt to the very highest standard and I know that the workers at the Woodford site pride themselves on delivering the highest quality aircraft for our armed forces.

BAE Systems here at Woodford employ many local people and contribute greatly to our local economy and I am pleased to see it flourishing."

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