Motion against pro-anorexia websites gets overwhelming support

March 3, 2008 4:40 PM

Mark and the local Affinity healthcare are continuing their campaign against these websites

An Early Day Motion, tabled by Mark Hunter, Liberal Democrat MP for the Cheadle constituency, as part of a campaign against pro-anorexia and bulimia websites has gained overwhelming support from all sides of the House of Commons.

The EDM, calls for Internet Service Providers to act more responsibly towards young people who use the sites, and for the Government to promote awareness of their dangers and provide real support for those affected by eating disorders and their families. The EDM has now received the support of nearly 80 MPs, including members of all three main political parties in just over one week.

The EDM was tabled after Mr Hunter visited the Eating Disorders Unit run by Affinity Healthcare at the Cheadle Royal Hospital ahead of Eating Disorders Awareness week (25th February-2nd March),

Affinity Healthcare, alongside their local MP Mr Hunter, have sought to highlight the dangerous effect pro-anorexia/ bulimia websites and groups on social networking sites have on vulnerable young men and women. Pro-anorexia sites and groups often offer tips to young people on how to 'get thin' and how to hide the disorder from their friends and parents.

Mr Hunter, speaking about the success of the motion said, "I am delighted that the EDM has the support of so many members of the House, and from all different parties. The number of signatures and support I have received from many members of the House is very encouraging and I am very grateful for their backing.

"I am pleased that we have raised awareness of the dangerous affects of these sites and groups, so that the young people suffering from this disease (and their parents) are warned about them.

"Although Eating Disorders Week is now over we cannot let this problem be forgotten for the next year. We need to continue to press the websites and Internet Service Providers involved to act responsibly towards the young and vulnerable people that suffer from eating disorders."

Dr Ty Glover, consultant psychiatrist at the Eating Disorders Unit, Cheadle Royal Hospital, commenting on the campaign said: "We are pleased that so many MPs have expressed their support for our campaign against sites that promote eating disorders. Sites like these give out the wrong messages to vulnerable people and encourage them to continue and develop their abnormal and potentially damaging eating patterns. Through our campaign we hope to encourage these internet sites, social networking sites and the service providers who host them, to act more responsibly."

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