Mark Hunter Lends Support to Carers of Patients with Mental Illness

March 13, 2008 2:52 PM

Mark is supporting Rethink's campaign for support for mental health carers

In support of a campaign recognising the vital role carers play in aiding mentally ill patients, Mark Hunter, Liberal Democrat MP for the Cheadle constituency, signed an Early Day Motion [EDM] in the House of Commons.

The EDM highlights the efforts of the mental health charity Rethink to tackle the challenges mental health carers face. These include increasing services available to mental health carers including training and promoting an open, two-way dialogue between mental health carers and health professionals to plan patient care.

Earlier this year the leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg MP called for a 'revolution in how we treat mental illness.' During the speech Mr Clegg proposed piloting a network of independent Patient Advocates dedicated to providing information, guidance and support to both mental health patients and carers.

Speaking on this issue, Mr Hunter said, "Unless the Government does more now to prioritise planning for mental health needs of the dramatically ageing population, services will be crushed under the heavy demand. We must honour the strength and commitment carers display but we must not stop there.

It is incumbent upon us to take action that will allow them to continue their vital work. For too long, carers of people with severe mental illness have not been given the support and appreciation they deserve. I am pleased to lend my support to mental health charity Rethink's campaign to help them."

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