Gatley runs another mile!

March 19, 2008 10:05 AM
Sports Relief

Mark supported Sports Relief by opening the Gatley Mile

Special guest, Cheadle MP Mark Hunter was on hand to official start the Gatley Mile, organised by Spring (supporters of Parks and Recreation in Gatley), as part of Sport Relief this weekend.

The local fun-run, was just one of the 200 events taking place all across the UK to raise money for Sports Relief on Sunday 16th March. Sports relief is part of the Comic Relief charity and spends the money raised from both events to help vulnerable people both at home in the UK and across the world. Mr Hunter once again started the race, as he did last time it was staged, two years ago.

The Gatley Mile, had two races - a one mile mostly for young children and a three-six mile run for those who wanted to push themselves a bit more. Over 250 runners of all ages took part from all over the community on the William Scholes Playing Fields in Gatley.

Speaking after the event, Mr Hunter said, "I'd like to congratulate all the people who took part in the race - it was brilliant to see so many people old and young taking part in a massive national effort to raise money for those that need it most.

"I'd also like to congratulate the organisers Spring (the supporters of Parks and Recreation in Gatley who did a fantastic job in bringing all these people together and making sure the run went smoothly, and who work tirelessly to give the local area the lovely parks and leisure facilities that we all enjoy.

"I was really pleased to be able to open this run for the second time now - it was so enjoyable seeing the community really come together to help raise money whilst keeping fit."

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